MITxplore Weekly Programs

MITxplore runs weekly programs with sessions about an hour long. These programs allow explorers to investigate many problems in depth over the course of a semester. We aim to equip the explorers to delve into new problems even after the conclusion of the program.

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MITxplore offers weekly programs on MIT's campus and at local schools. MIT programs are typically offered in the spring and fall, and tend to fill up extremely quickly. If you would like to sign up your 'xplorer for the weekly MIT program, please sign up for our newsletter in order to find out about the program when it's offered. If you would like MITxplore to offer a program at your local school, encourage your school's teachers and administrators to contact us.

Program content

Example weekly program lessons:

Typical session outline:

  • 5 minutes: Explorers reflect on previous week's explorations.
  • 40 minutes: Explorers are introduced to the topic of the day and discover new areas of mathematics through discussions, activities and games.
  • 15 minutes: Explorers reflect on topics of the day and take note of thoughts and questions. Some questions are highlighted for group discussion.